Stewart Gilmour Memorial Concert in the Beach Ballroom

Aberdeen Jazz Orchestra at Beach Ballroom on Twitpic

I never knew Stewart as I joined the Aberdeen Jazz Orchestra after he died but I wish I had known him. It was evident from last night’s concert that he left quite a legacy of music and an impression on all who knew him.

The concert was organised by Ashlea Gilmour, Stewart’s daughter, and featured a variety of bands and musicians who had played with Stewart. Ashlea did a great job of organising what turned out to be a great night of music.

Kay, Stewart’s wife, and Bethany, their daughter, both sang during the evening. They have great voices and I hope that we will hear more of them in times to come.

The evening started with a set from the Aberdeen Jazz Orchestra, followed by sets by Bethany Gilmour (with Gary Gibb, Alan King and Pete Lowitt), Aberdeen University Big Band (huge band actually), Kay Gilmour with band, Granite City Brass and finally another set from the Aberdeen Jazz Orchestra with Ryan Quigley as soloist.

Ryan Quigley is an amazing performer and soloist who not only captured the Maynard Ferguson style of screeching trumpet solos flawlessly but also projects that performance in a way that engages with the audience.

The whole night was a vision of what mucic can be in Aberdeen at its best, i.e. lots of people enjoying lots of music by a variety of musicians, playing various styles of music.

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