Aberdeen Jazz Orchestra Gig – 31st May

There will be a a Sunday Lunchtime gig at the Lemon Tree featuring members of the Aberdeen Jazz Orchestra playing jazz standards. This should be a fun gig and it can be worth booking a table as it sometimes gets quite busy. This will have a different flavour from other AJO gigs as it will […]

Stewart Gilmour Memorial Concert in the Beach Ballroom

I never knew Stewart as I joined the Aberdeen Jazz Orchestra after he died but I wish I had known him. It was evident from last night’s concert that he left quite a legacy of music and an impression on all who knew him. The concert was organised by Ashlea Gilmour, Stewart’s daughter, and featured […]

Stewart Gilmour Memorial Concert on 15th May

This will be at the Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen and will feature Ryan Quigley, Aberdeen Jazz Orchestra, Granite City Brass, Aberdeen University Concert & Jazz Bands, Marisha & Jim Addison, Alan King, Garry Gibb, Kay & Bethany Gilmour and friends. All proceeds go to Cancer Research UK and CLAN. To book tickets, go to the Aberdeen Box Office […]

Aberdeen Jazz Orchestra

First practice of the season tonight in preparation for the forthcoming gig at the Beach Ballroom. Updated: Oops! The practice didn’t work out quite as planned due to lack of school janitors. However, it was good to see and chat to the other band members.